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Welcome to the YÜTH United Through HeARTZ page. Here you will find all the information you need about the organization and what its doing throughout the community. Join us as we educate through our passion for color, sound and movement.



YÜTH United Through HeARTZ, is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all around arts organization, established for the educational, entertaining and charitable purpose of creating family friendly performing arts programs for children, adults, and all families throughout the community.  YÜTH will fulfill its mission by bringing visual, performing and interactive arts programs to areas such as Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, Harris County and the Houston Area by way of creative programs and The Cre8tion Center (The CC), a dance studio, theater space, and fine arts center.  The creation of The CC will give children, adults, and family an environment to display their creative side while knowing they are in a safe atmosphere through visual and performing arts, summer programs, after school programs, and educational enrichment programs.


YÜTH United Through HeARTZ is designed to bring the arts back to the community. Our founder, DeMarco Howard, noticed that there was an increasing number of children and youth who had a lack of creativity. Social media has taking over and to some, it has become a huge problem. Children no longer want to go outside and use their imagination but instead spent most of their time on a tablets and phones. With this new found technology, not only do children have to worry about bullying at school, but it now follows them home through cyber bullying. Our goal is to create family friendly programs that encourage youth and adults to tap into their creative side. We have developed programs where children can have a positive environment where they can express their creativity. We also plan on building a center called the Cre8tion Center, The CC, for the community where everyone can have a central place to learn, have fun and have an opportunity to give back to the community. Once the concept is perfected, they will have satellite locations throughout the greater Houston area. Those who can't afford regular classes will have the opportunity to attend our "Fun Friday" classes. These classes will be free to the public. The classes will change between Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballet so everyone has a chance to experience the different classes. Community movie nights, rentable space, a ballroom, and theater space will all be available to the community. We will also have a Community Dance Store. Clothing, shoes and other items donated to The CC will be available for those to come and shop for free. Once a month our dance store will be converted into a community store where individuals can come and pick out 1 to 2 full outfits at no charge to them. Clothing will also be donated to the Star of Hope and other community based programs through out the city. Our main goal is to give back and make our communities better.

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Become a member or Donate


When you become a member of the YÜTH United Through HeARTZ , you provide for your community. With every donation, a child can take a class at no cost to them. You also enable our volunteers to help the community with our BIG & little Program and you help with our goal towards the Cre8tive Center. Below you will finds the levels of membership. Please note that memberships last for one year from date of purchase.  Unused benefits cannot be carried forward from one year to the next unless stated in the discription.


To become a member, email us at theartzinfo@gmail.com or call us at 281-972-9147



Individual Sponsors


Beginning: $50/year


  • Member Rental Rate at The Artz

  • Access to artist in residence program

  • Discount to all workshops by The Artz

  • Discount on all Perfromances by The Artz



Intermediate: $100/year
All benefits from above plus:


  • Discount on CYI Products

  • Access to production discounts



Advanced: $200/year
All benefits from above plus:

  • 2 Free tickets to all Artz productions for the year

  • Ad space on The Artz Web site for 3 Months



Expert: $500/year
All benefits from above plus:

  • 2 Free tickets to all Artz productions for the year

  • Plaque displaying membership level on wall of donors.

  • Access to email list for advertising

  • Ad space on The Artz Web site for 1 year



Professional: $1,000/year
All benefits from above plus:

  • 4 Free tickets to all Artz productions for the year

  • Half Price for one facility rental

  • Ad space on The Artz Web site for 1 year with double the space.



Commander: $2,000/year
All benefits from above plus:

  • 6 Free tickets to all Artz productions for the year

  • Half Price for five facility rental

  • One free year of classes

  • Ad space on The Artz Web site for 1 year with double the space.



Celebrity: $5,000/year
All benefits from above plus:

  • 8 Free tickets to all Artz productions for the year

  • One free facility rental

  • One free year of classes

  • Ad space on The Artz Web site for 1 year with double the space.



President: $10,000 or more/year
All benefits from above plus:

  • 10 Free tickets to all Artz productions for the year

  • One free facility rental

  • One free year of classes

  • Ad space on The Artz Web site for 1 year with grand size promotion.


the center

floor Plan4-04

floor Plan4-04

floor Plan4_1-04

floor Plan4_1-04

The Cre8tive Center Lobby

The Cre8tive Center Lobby

The Cre8tive Center-Office

The Cre8tive Center-Office

The Cre8tive Center-Lobby

The Cre8tive Center-Lobby

The Cre8tive Center ASAP Lounge

The Cre8tive Center ASAP Lounge

The Cre8tive Center Store

The Cre8tive Center Store

The Cre8tive Center-CRE8TION Theater

The Cre8tive Center-CRE8TION Theater

The Cre8tive Center Back Stage

The Cre8tive Center Back Stage

We want to start by saying thank you for taking time out of your schedule to visit our page. We know there are thousands of other things you could be doings but we appreciate you stopping by. Our main goal is to help the community by way of the arts. Giving back in a way that everyone can participate without having to struggle with outrageous fees is our focus. 



What Is The Artz™?


The Artz™ is a center where local children, teens and adults alike can come and express themselves through all forms of arts. This can be dance, music or any other creative entity they wish to explore. Registrants can come take weekly class in any of the instructed classes that we offer. Our main goal is to help children in the community find something to expand their minds, stay healthy and active. 



What The Artz™ offers? 


To start, The Artz™ provides dance, art, music, and computer instruction. The studio also provides classes that include: 

  • Dance: Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Step, Tap, Tumbling, and more. 

  • Art: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting and more.

  • Music: Piano, Guitar, Vocal and more.

  • Aerial Movement: Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Straps and more.

  • Team Workz  (Teams Registrants can join): Dance, Twirling, Art, Aerial, and more.

  • Computer: General Computer, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Music Editing and more.  


Each program has its own identity but they develop as a team. We take all of our programs and produce an extravagant exhibit for all to enjoy. At this event students are able to sell their work which they have been preparing throughout the year, showcase their talents and develop new friends that could last a lifetime. With our dance classes we want to focus on building confidence and coordination. 


What will The Cre8tive Center offer?


We are looking forward to hosting and making the following avaliable in the Cre8tive Center:

  • The Artz - offering Art, Music, Dance, Physical Activities and a jam packed Summer Program.

  • Aerial Artz - letting our clients get a chance to experience what its like to join the circus with classes in trapeze, fabric, lyra, rope and more. 

  • YÜTH United Through HeARTZ - our nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our community while keeping our youth active and creative.

  • Luxury Ballroom and Event Center - a nearly 9,000 sqft ballroom for special events such as weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and conferences.

  • S.H.O.W. Theater - a spacious fully equipped theater designed for performances, lectures, family movie nights, graduations and more.

  • Cre8tive Recreation Space (CRS) - a full gym and workout space and fitness classes to keep our community at its best.

  • Artistic Play Zone - activity and party space for the little ones to run until they cant run any more.

  • Lease Space - space that others in the community can rent to get their businesses off the ground.

  • A fully stocked dance store to provide students and members a place to shop as well as to provide the community a place to get free clothing once a month.

  • 4 studios with one being equipped with aerial apparatuses that our students and staff will have access to as well as the community to rent out.

  • Conference rooms, dressing rooms, viewing rooms, a kids room and more.



What the SHOW Theater? 


The theater will host a variety of events that are not limited to movie nights for the community, dance performances, plays and musicals. The space will also be able to host conferences and lectures.  The Strauder-Howard-Oliver-Wilson Theater will have a full performance stage and will seat close to 500 people and can be rented for corporate use as well as private events such as a birthday party or a family movie night. The theater will have a large movie screen that can be moved in or out when needed. It will also have high quality lights and sound that will add to the experience as they relax in comfortable seating to enjoy the performance, movie, concert and much more that will be offered. Although the theater will have set ticket prices for different events, for Community Movie Nights, tickets will sell for $1-$5 for the viewing. Concessions will be sold at an affordable price allowing the customer to complete their cinema experience. To accompany the theater, there will be spacious green rooms, changing rooms and a lounge for actors and performers to hang out between scenes or dances with a live monitor displaying what’s happening on stage.


What is Luxury? 


Luxury Ballroom and Event Center, Luxury for short, will be a venue where everyone can have the opportunity to have an event and have it feel luxurious. We will aim to show everyone that their event can be as great as they want in whatever price point they can afford.


Luxury will feature convertible ballrooms, ample floor space, a professional sound system, high quality lighting, projection screens, tables, chairs and much more that will make our clients events that much better. Elegant yet modern light fixtures will illuminate the facility along with full service kitchen for all catering needs, expandable serving stations and décor fit for the finest. With a great inside you have to have an equally great outside. Nothing beats natural light and with great landscaping in front of and around the facility, none of our guest should have an issue capturing great memories with unique and beautiful backgrounds.


Luxury will be proud to offer all of its amenities in such a way that everything is included.  We want our guest to enjoy their event whether that is a wedding, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, birthday party, general meeting or any other number of events that the facility can hold. All of our basic “Luxury Packages” will hold what many others consider to be extras. Venue, lights, sound, projectors, linens, food and much more will come standard with our basic packages. With everything that comes with the basic packages, our guest will have the option to add any other luxuries they may want or choose from our “Extravagant Packages” all the way up to our “Royal Package”. We understand that every event is special and we want our clients to be proud of their day and or days with us.



What is Cre8tive Recreation Space? 


The CRS will be designed to fit the needs of those fitness and athletic individuals and groups who want to keep their bodies in shape. It will also contain space for workout classes, exercise equipment, basketball and other ways to stay fit. Stations will be equipped with high definition tvs, audio inputs and an overhead sound system. The space will offer memberships at a reasonable rate in efforts to promote healthy living and again to provide a safe place for the families in the community.  Space will also house Kidz Rec Camps for all areas of sports. (football will be included as flag football)

What is Artistic Play Zone? 

Beat the heat with the Artistic Play Zone. This space will be acclimated for birthday parties, free play, and the home school play spot. The space will be equipped with in ground trampolines, launch and landing pad, three story playground, ground activities, party rooms, and ample space for running off all the sugar from our Infinity Cafe. Parties will range in price and memberships will also be available. Parents will have the option of doing a one month plan or a monthly membership. Party packages will range depending on how many people will be attending the party. There will also be sections where younger kids can play without the fear of older one running them over.

How Can You Help?  


What do we need help with?

First, we need your help spreading the word. Second, we need your help to create the best facility possible for our community. With your donations, we will be able to purchase tons of supplies and equipment to give our students what they need to learn the arts. We will be able to purchase things such as building materials, giant mirrors, sound equipment, lighting equipment, computers, art supplies, tables, chairs, and so much more in an effort to help the community.


How do I donate?

All you have to do is click the "Donate" button above and follow the steps on the next page. This is a secure site that will only charge what you tell them to. There are no extra service fees that will magically show up on you bank statement. You can donate with a one time payment, as many times as you want or donate on a monthly basis. If you don't feel comfortable making payments online, we can accept your donation in another way. For more information about this option email us at with the contact button above.


What happens after I help?

With every donation, we ask that your name or a name of someone you are donating on behalf of to be submitted. There will be a wall in our center dedicated to all of our donors and the name submitted will be listed on that wall.


I have more questions, who do I contact?

We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. You can email us with the contact button above. Someone from our company will get back to you within 2 business days.























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