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Tables and Chairs

White Folding Chairs $1.00 ea.

Medium Folding Tables $10.00 ea.

Large Folding Tables $12.00 ea.

Tents and Floors

10'x20" Tent w/ Walls $75.00

delivery/setup not included

20'x40" Tent


delivery/setup not included

15'x15" Portable Dance Floor $70.00

delivery/setup not included

$0.66 sqft for smaller - $1.00 sqft for larger

Inflatables and More

Blue, Yellow, Red


Purple, Yellow, Pink

Bounce House


delivery/setup not included

Sno Cone Machine


delivery/syrup not included

Nacho Cheese Sause


Cotton Candy Machine


delivery/sugar not included

Sno Cone Flavors


delivery/syrup not included

Hotdog Roller Machine


delivery/hotdogs not included

Pink or Blue

Cotton Candy w/ Cones

$8.00/1/2 Gallon

Nacho Cheese Dispenser


delivery/cheese not included

Pack of Hotdogs

$8.00/Pack of 40

Table and Chair Fabrics

White Chair Covers $0.50 ea.

White Stripped Overlay $1.00 ea.

6' Black Tablecloth

$1.00 ea.

Royal Blue Chair Sahses $0.50 ea.

Blue Stripped Overlay $1.00 ea.

Royal Blue Table Runners $0.75 ea.

White Square Tablecloth $1.00 ea.

Round Black Tablecloth

$1.00 ea.