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covid-19 update


The Artz will reopen on June 1 for our ACE Summer Camp. Classes will slowly be added back to the schedule.


We hope you have remained safe during this strange and unflattering time of quarantine. Over the past few months, this time has tested the world, our country, the states, our city and our business. We were able to secure much needed help from our Artz N8tion and we were able to keep our studio alive. We will be actively restarting classes on June 1, 2020. Please check the schedule on our website as we are also respecting our teachers who are wanting to wait a little longer to restart their classes.


With much consideration to all of the guidelines and restrictions, we have decided to reopen our studio...WITH RESTRICTIONS.


We have added an additional 1,750 sqft to our studio and plan on having smaller classes to keep everyone safe. We are also implementing new cleaning protocols to ensure that germs are not being spread. Ther other factors are as follows. 

  • All clients must sanitize their hands when they enter the space. No client will be allowed to enter without sanitizing.

  • Every client will have their temperature checked upon arrival. This will take less than 5 seconds and each use will consist of a disposable guard.

  • Although we rarely have this issue, there will be no sharing fabrics or any other apparatus. After each use, fabrics will be removed and cleaned. All other apparatus will be cleaned as well.

  • Masks are recommended while attending the studio. We know that this can be a pain, we recommend that you do what's best for you. We are making them mandatory for anyone in the studio that's not actively working out due to the other measures that we are putting in place. 

  • Clients that have their own apparatus are encouraged to bring them. This will ensure that everyone can stay safe. (We can supply your fabric for $8 per yard)

  • Limited classes with no more than the number of points that are 6 feet apart. This can range from 5-11 people depending on which section the class is in.

  • All commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized often. 

  • Large areas sanitized daily after everyone has left.

  • Studio equipment rental fees to ensure safety between uses.

  • Doors will remain open to reduce the need to touch, allowing for a foot to be used to nudge it open.


We will be doing everything we can to ensure the the studio remains open and everyone stay healthy and safe!

What You Can Do To Help:

  • Here are a few ways you can continue to help the studio:

    • Maintain your current monthly memberships and passes. While our classes are suspended, many of our small business expenses will not be and we appreciate your help in ensuring we can return to business as usual when the time comes. With your payments, you will get access to our online material as it becomes available.

    • Hold on to account credit instead of requesting monetary refunds.

    • Purchase a gift card that you can use for classes, workshops, private lessons, and more when we reopen.

    • Make a donation via Paypal or GoFundMe

    • Check out our Store to purchase some merch– we’ll be releasing new designs over these upcoming weeks. 

    • Get ready to buy tickets to our 1st annual Elevated Heights Fundraiser.

    • Be on the lookout for information for our 1st annual Sky High Circus Prom.

    • Give us a positive review on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

For the most up-to-date info from us, please sign up for our newsletter below or check back here to stay informed on how it’s affecting us, updated daily. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at